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About Crystals In Nature LLC

Hello, I'm Jen and I run Crystals in Nature LLC, located in Yorkville, IL. I've been selling online since the start of the millennium. I first got into crystals as a little girl, fishing with my dad, when I discovered a hag stone with a natural hole in the center of it. I wore that as a necklace for a few years and then got an Amethyst pendant necklace and later on a Clear Quartz one.

For the majority of our products we source high quality materials direct and commission the work from skilled artisans. We do NOT buy from local gem shows like most shops so there is no one to misrepresent the products to us. This is why we are so certain as to the authenticity, quality, and value of our products. We are our own wholesaler. Even a brief glance around our shop should also validate that we pride ourselves in being the epitome of experts in crystal quality.

We only carry natural crystals, we do not sell man-made crystals even the popular massively profitable ones like Opalite, Goldstone, Bismuth, Cherry Quartz, Melting Stone/Smelt Quartz, Crackle Quartz, Aura Quartz, Honeycomb Ruby, and many many more.

We have a 2500 square foot crystal showroom specially designed to bathe all of our crystals both in the daily sunlight and in the evening moonlight all while amongst the natural air and beauty of the forest it is within (just a couple dozen feet from the mother tree of the forest pictured here).

The mission of Crystals in Nature LLC is to deliver a superior shopping experience via our website at, delivering outstanding product quality at attractive prices all while offering free shipping on orders of $35 or more.

Timeline of Key Dates on Our Journey

Jan 2000 - eBay Shop Launched

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Jan 2008 - Etsy Shop Launched

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Jun 2021 - (Newly Redesigned Website Launched)

Jul 2021 - Facebook Shop Launched

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Jan 2022 - Shop Mobile Application Launched (Including Order Tracking)

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