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Perfectly Imperfect Carvings Bundle (Natural Crystals)

Our Perfectly Imperfect Bundles include items that don't meet all of our quality standards in one way or another.  They may just be more common quality or may be slightly damaged in one way or another (Chipped, Cracked or otherwise imperfect pieces).

 NOTE: These bundles are NOT returnable due to the deep discounted pricing.



Rose Quartz Horse - Thumbnail sized chip on front left leg (the one the horse is holding up) not too rough or noticeable.

Rose Quartz Lucky Cat - Tiniest Chip on ear really you need to use your hand to even find it as a slight rough spot

Angel - Chip on front left of base
Elephant - Chip on front left foot

Rainbow Fluorite Slab - Iron deposits on a good portion of the back, kind of rough cut on parts of the back as well.  Looks good as base for other items such as included small fairies (all with chipped wing or similar) and paws (rough spot or natural crack)

Snakes are all perfectly fine just bundled


Hats have chip at tip of hat top, one ghost has polished dent in back of head the other a rougher cut face.

#6 - #8

Skulls all have chipped chin, Green Aventurine one also has a rough looking spot on nose, alien skull is fine just more common quality.


#9 - #11

Blue Onyx Cloud is chipped, Labradorite Clouds all have low flash but some flash and tiny mostly natural chip/rough spot on at least one spot, Green Aventurine Clouds have some rougher spots on edges here or there. 

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