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General Questions

For starters you will not be charged any sales tax (unless you are an IL resident). Many people also like knowing that more of the money will go to us (as much as 10-20% more) instead of big corporations. That helps us help you through better products, pricing & deals which you may see from time to time on our website or through coupon codes available via email and/or social media. We use the same trusted and secured payment processing provider as millions of other online shops and never personally see or store any of your credit card information.

Those who choose to use Shop Pay on our website or mobile app will also earn "Shop Cash" towards future purchases usable on our shop or at any of the over 4 million other small businesses online that accept it.

Some features are not yet available on our website that are available on other platforms (such as Etsy) that you might find useful such as favoriting products or leaving reviews. Both of those are available on our Shop Mobile App though but in general please feel free to purchase wherever you find most convenient.

We unfortunately cannot hold items. If available funds are an issue we offer multiple payment plan options including an interest-free plan for any purchases over $50. Choose "Shop Pay" when checking out under payment options.


All items ship FREE within the United States including to our crystal loving friends in Alaska & Hawaii.

We also ship FREE to the following destinations:

*Armed Forces Americas/Europe/Pacific

*American Samoa


*Marshall Islands


*Northern Mariana Islands


*Puerto Rico

*Virgin Islands

No other international shipping options are available at this time.

Your order should ship out within 1-2 business days after payment is received.  All orders ship from Yorkville, IL.

All Sales Are Final and Returns Cannot Be Accepted.

If you need to cancel or modify your order, please contact us within an hour of placing it. We'll do our best to help with your order, but if it has been shipped out already, it can not be canceled or modified.

Account/Login Information

Creating an account is entirely optional. You are welcome to checkout as a guest.

There are many benefits to having an account, however, which include not having to re-enter your shipping address with each order, being able to see a history of your orders along with making it easier to track items such as shipping status. We do, of course, provide shipping updates via email as well.

In the future, having an account will have even more benefits such as the ability to maintain a wishlist, etc.

When you create an account you are automatically signed up for our infrequent marketing emails (not shared with anyone else) which contain sale information and other discount codes. You are able to unsubscribe from these and still have an account with us.

You do not need to signup for an account in order to receive discount codes and sale information via email. You can simply signup on our email list.

Shipping Issues

Not to worry your item(s) have already shipped. We pack and ship every single day and our packages are picked up from our location 6 days a week.

USPS simply skips many scans including pickup and acceptance scans. USPS in general has had many cutbacks and are very short-staffed, many of the staff they do have don't stay and are very new. Many times we will go weeks without any scans skipped and then all of a sudden (especially around postal holidays) they will skips a couple scans, occasionally even distribution warehouse scans. Sometimes its an issue with a mobile scanner that hasn't "uploaded" its scan data just yet.

Most of the time the packages with skipped scans arrive on time (The post office will argue its better to skip the scans than have your packages delayed). Know that should your package go missing you ARE covered when you purchase with us.

Most of the time this issue resolves itself within 3 days. It is important to know that USPS does geoscan the delivery scans with an accuracy of within 6 feet so there can be no deception here.
Here is an action plan for you to follow day by day:

#1 - FAMILY: Check with other family members or people at your residence. We have seen where others thought it was a package for them or otherwise picked it up and placed it somewhere.
#2 - OTHER LOCATIONS: Do consider other environmental possibilities depending upon your specific setup. Behind bushes either on purpose or due to wind etc. In front of your garage rather than on your porch. In a locked parcel locker for some apartment style setups (or check with your buildings office as sometimes packages are left there), etc.
#3 - OTHER ORDERS: Review similar orders from other shops. We have often seen our crystals were actually received and confused to be another shops order and its that other order that was not received. All of our orders do come with a packing slip and almost all of our items ship in a box. Most single items will be in a 4in by 4in sized brown square box rather than in the padded envelopes many other shops use. We ship very fast so our packages are often received before theirs and can confuse what you expected when.

#4 - POST MAN: Especially if its just after a holiday the post office is very busy and your mail carrier may "cheat" and scan a package they are suppose to have delivered so it does not count against them. While this is against all policies in place it unfortunately is increasingly common. Most often they simply deliver it to you the next day. You can report this behavior to your local Postmaster as geoscan information will show it scanned as delivered for example at 9pm in your local post office's parking lot.

#5 - NEIGHBORS: Check with neighbors if none have already brought it by.
#6 - LOCAL PO: Visit your local post office and see if the package is actually waiting for you there and any notice blew away in the wind and/or your postal carrier used the wrong delivery scan setting. There are a number of reasons this can occur when you might otherwise think the package should just have been left.
#7 - GEOSCAN: Assuming your local post office does not have it they will be able to provide geoscan information as to where it was delivered to an accuracy of within 6 feet. They would then resolve directly if, for instance, it was mis-delivered to another address.
#8 - THEFT: If geoscan information confirms your address and you have exhausted all other above possibilities, you may wish to review any video/ring doorbell or similar if that can confirm/deny delivery or porch pirate/theft situation. If you do suspect theft you will need to file a stolen mail report with both your local police and post office. Some home owner’s or other insurance policies may provide assistance once you have an actual police report.

In accordance with all policies and recommendations for all major marketplaces & services (Etsy, eBay, Paypal, etc.) we cannot refund or replace for items marked as delivered. These marketplaces & services specify that the buyer is responsible for providing a secure delivery location and retrieving the package in a timely manner. There are various remediations you have the personal choice to do (Provide a secured delivery box onsite, install cameras, use a PO Box, etc.)

If you follow the above action plan and do visit your local Post Office there can be no reasonable situation that we as the seller's would be responsible for. Theft is a matter for police, all other situations are resolved through obtaining the geoscan coordinates.

In short delivery confirmation exists for a reason, to confirm delivery. It is also unfortunately extremely well known that this is the number one internet scam run by buyers themselves. A surprisingly high amount of people do not realize delivery scans are actually geo-location aware.

We provide FREE shipping.
We provide FREE signature confirmation on most larger orders.
We provide FREE full shipping insurance coverage (NOTE: all shipping insurance no longer applies once a package is scanned delivered).
We provide FULL refund/replacements for items lost in transit (ie. Not scanned as delivered).


Due to overwhelming interest in our wholesale program, we are no longer able to accept new wholesale customers. We are working on a separate dedicated wholesale website with all the same great features as this one that will be available upon request for new wholesale customers in the near future. Check back here on our FAQ page for any updates regarding our new Wholesale Website's availability.