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Garden Scenic/Phantom Quartz Tower (Natural Crystal)

These are premium quality real natural Garden Quartz Towers.  Another common name for this material is Phantom Quartz, and you will also see them referred to as Scenics due to the scene in the stone.  All of our Garden Quartz products are 100% natural.  We source these high quality materials direct and commission the work from skilled artisans.  We do NOT buy from local gem shows like most shops so there is no one to misrepresent the products to us.  This is why we are so certain as to the authenticity, quality, and value of our products.  We are our own wholesaler Use the selector to see the photo of your specific choice.
How to Spot Fake Garden Quartz/Phantom Quartz/Scenics:
Garden Quartz is most commonly faked in sphere form.  Sellers themselves are tricked into thinking they are real because the spheres are made from "real" crystal baserock as the foundation and then "real" crystal chips of usually malachite, azurite, and similar flecks of raw materials sprinkled (by man) on top of the baserock.  Then a fake glass globe encompasses the whole thing.  The baserock and flecks have no real value nor does the glass of course.  The whole thing is basically worthless(unless you think its pretty and accept that its totally man-made) but marked up to insane prices ($200/$300) for a quick cash grab.  Basically if it looks like a perfect snow globe its fake.  Nature doesn't make endless amounts of perfect snowglobes growing on walls.  There are large quantities of these available in any size you want with any material sprinkled in.  We can get these too for low low costs but choose to only carry 100% natural crystals.  If you are in the market for Garden Quartz elsewhere they should look very similar to these towers here if they are genuine.
The glass in fake crystals will tend to make objects look bigger/magnified whereas real quartz crystal should only distort based on refractory and other imperfections present.
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