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Set of Angel Wings w Stand (8.25") Rose Quartz (Carved Natural Crystal)

1 Set of 2 High Detail High Quality Natural Crystal Carved Rose Quartz Angel Wings (Random pull of the same material, size and quality as the photos). The stand IS included.  These Angel Wings measures approx. 8-8.5" Long x 5" Wide x .5" Deep each and weigh ~.95lbs(436g) each. 

Stand comes disassembled for shipping (See reference photo for how you may wish to assemble it). When displayed on the stand you will need a space approx. 11" Wide x 9.625" Tall x 4.5" Deep. The stand prongs are adjustable though it is recommended to use them as pictured to prevent slippage off the sides. NEVER place just one wing on the stand and it is highly recommended that two people be present when mounting so that one can hold the stand steady while the other places the wings upon it.  A small screwdriver is needed to tighten the screws should they loosen in shipping.  We are not responsible for any breakage due to incorrect or uncareful mounting of this item.

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